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LED lighting products

                       Sun Energy LED is committed to professionally manufacturing quality LED lightings.
                       Sun Energy LED applies the high-efficiency mono-crystal solar cell having certified by CE

                       and ROHS to the solar LED streetlight, which saves energy by 50~70% compared with
                       the existing streetlights and extends the batt ery life by controlling automatic over-
                       charging and over-discharging, and reduces power consumption by more than 40~60%
                       through the SMART dimming system. Wire or wireless-typed security cameras (CCTV)
                       and air guns for vehicle can be installed as an option.

                       The LED lamp from the company can be applied up to 40~120W with the lightdistributing
                       and thermal structure improved by more than 15%. The light distribution has been
                       maximized with the application of the angle-adjustable arm B/K. The lightweight LED

                       lamp makes installation and maintenance convenient.

                       The company’s LED tunnel light has two essential characteristics of permanency and
                       precise light distribution. High-efficiency optical system was adopted for keeping high
                       uniformity, reducing glare and providing excellent vertical light distribution.

                       The company’s LED light reduces power consumption by more than 30% compared

                       with the conventional fluorescent light, and is not harmful to the human body as it is
                       a nonultraviolet light, non-infrared light and non-mercury product. More than 50,000
                       hours of durability makes it possible to use for a long time with one installation, thereby
                       reducing the maintenance cost.
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