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                        That is what is called new challenge of the global economy for a climate change,
                        a development of alternative energy, and the sustainable future.

                        The problem of energy Depletion and Global Warming that have been Already

                        We, SUNENERGY LED, are preparing for the green future through the LED lighting
                        technology of the optimum technology for green that will overcome this era in
                        alamed crises.

                        Also, we are leading the science of new and recycled energy by grafting together
                        the Sun-light technology and LED lighting technology that are the green industry
                        for new growth.

                        In order to lead the global lighting market in the size of $100 bilion that will be
                        opened in the future, the new alternative that will take the lead of the energy
                        market home and abroad should be preposed through the development of various
                        products and innovative technologies.

                        SUNENERGY LED will continue to expand the prospect toward not only this
                        proposal of alternatives but also the comprehensive climate industry and the field
                        of new and recycled energy combining energy environment and carbon finance.

                        The future is for those who are prepared.
                        We the people of SUNENERGY LED, will be with you who prepare for the
                        hopeful future by the attitude of getting prepared at all times and the ceaseless

                        development of technology.

                                   SINCERELY, IN NAMES OF THE PEOPLE OF SUNENERGY LED
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