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                        STREET LIGHT

                         1. Wind Power Generation
                         • Optimal blade design based on flow analysis (SC/Tetra)
                         • Proven safety through wind-tunnel tests

                         • Vertical wind generator appropriated for Korea’s multi-directional wind

                         2. Solar Power Generation
                         • High-efficiency single-crystal solar cell that obtained CE and ROHS certifications
                         • Low-ironed tempered glass, EVA film, and TPT backseat boost

                         • generation efficiency and protect the solar cell from adverse weather

                         3. LED Lamp
                         • Ensures long-lasting life of 50,000 -70,000 hours

                         • Energy saving up to 50-70% compared to the conventional streetlights
                         • DC power supply reduces power consumption by 5-20% with out the need of
                            inverter systems

                         4. Streetlight Pole
                         • Wind-load based design (during structure view) ensures stability

                         5. Controller & Battery

                         • The PWP charging method maximizes charging efficiency
                         • Automatic over-charging and over-discharging control ensure long-lasting battery life
                         • SMART dimming light control helps to reduce power consumption up to 40-60%
                         • Electronic brake protects structures during over-speed wind

                         • Maximizes generation power by controlling constant speed using RST three-phase during
                            mid-high wind speed
                         • Maintains constant rpm during over speed to minimize battery damage; three-phase
                            short circuit helps to minimize consumption power more than electronic brake
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